Garden Maintenance

Beautifying Your Dream

Elysian Landscapes offers a full range of garden maintenance services in to revive or beautify your Canberra or Queanbeyan-based garden and keep it looking great. Including one-off garden clean-ups, total garden make-overs as well as regular ongoing maintenance services. 

Garden clean-ups and make-overs are available in half-day or full-day time slots and our rates can be found here. 

A garden clean-up typically involves mowing, trimming, weeding, pruning and trimming hedges as required, and also includes the removal of your garden waste. 

A garden make-over might include spreading mulch or pebbles, fertilising lawns or planting beds, top-dressing or re-seeding lawns, establishing veggie gardens or large pots, and planting. Materials can be supplied by you or we can quote to supply them for you. 

Our regular maintenance service usually involves about 17 visits per year - fortnightly during spring, summer and autumn and monthly during winter. The regularity of visits can be adjusted up (weekly) or down (monthly) as the growing conditions require or to suit personal preferences. 

Example of a Canberran garden tidy-up by Elysian Landscape.

An example of a Canberra front garden tidy and replanting by Elysian Landscape.

A garden tidy up may involve mowing, edging, blower-vac, weeding, pruning or replanting. It may also involve planting some new plants that the owner provides.

Landscape design is a much more detailed process where we do a makeover or re-design of your existing garden under consultation with you.