Landscape Design Services

What is your ideal landscape design?

The landscape design process starts with you. We talk to you at length about who you are and what you want to get a snapshot of your ideal garden lifestyle.

Once we understand you and your vision, we create a design that expresses that vision, encompassing interior and exterior spaces to create a connected, functional and beautiful solution. 

Example of a garden design by Elysian Landscape.

We understand current design trends as well as traditional garden design styles - so whatever your idea of a Garden Paradise is, we can deliver a design that embodies it. 

We also focus our attention on your site - the physical space where your garden will be constructed - and consider elements such as microclimate, drainage, soil type, sun exposure and existing plants. We will identify opportunities that your design could take advantage of, often these will be things you have not thought of yourself. 

Throughout the design process we keep communication open, so that you feel involved in the design, and understand the decisions we are making. Our aim is that you will feel a sense of ownership of the design, that you contributed to it in meaningful ways, and that it is more an expression of you than it is of the the designer. 

Not what you're looking for?
We also offer 
garden maintenance services.

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